Furniture and decorating

A man and a woman carrying cardboard boxes
"Things improved when I eventually got my own place. First in a housing project, then when I'd learnt to cope and proved I could manage, my own flat."

If you want to decorate, check with your tenancy agreement and landlord before you start! You might be able to negotiate some rent free weeks for decorating when you move in if it needs it.

You can buy used furniture and electrical goods (plus new beds and electrical goods) from the Community Furniture Store. It is open to anyone, though secondhand goods are cheaper if you are on a ‘means tested’ benefit such as Housing Benefit. If you need help with paying for things ask your support worker what funds are available, for example an application to local charities.

Also check out the facebook group ‘items for sale or free in York‘ and

When you move into a new place you may be able to get a grant from York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) or Budgeting Loan from the Social Fund (Jobcentre Plus) to help with the cost of new furniture etc, depending on your circumstances. More information at

The Besom works with churches in York, helping people to give to those who need it the most. They do this by matching up givers who want to give their time, skills or household items with people in need. If there is something you need – for example help with decorating a new flat or a replacement cooker or sofa, ask your support worker to refer you. You’ll need to be working with a tenancy support worker, Children’s Centre etc. is a not-for-profit discount website for white goods, furniture and electrical products. They offer a choice of payment options including Paypoint.