Introductory tenancies and starter tenancies

If you move into a council or Housing Association property, the first year will be an ‘introductory’ or ‘starter’ tenancy. During this time your estate manager will visit to check everything is okay. If you are not keeping to the rules of your tenancy you can be evicted quite quickly, and will find it very hard to be rehoused. They should, however, offer you support to sort problems out instead, if possible. If you’ve been given a tenancy after living in supported accommodation you’ll have a support worker anyway, at least during the first year.

If your landlord writes to you saying they want to evict you, you’ll be asked to a review meeting. Get advice as soon as possible and go to the meeting to give your side of the story. Try and reach an agreement – once it goes to court it will be too late to stop the eviction taking place whilst you are still under an introductory/starter tenancy.