Bringing up a child

Most of us learn about being a parent from the examples set by our own parents. This can be helpful, but if you’ve had bad experiences they can get in the way of your new relationship with your child. Talking to someone can help to make sense of your childhood and help decide on how you would like the future to be different. Whether you are a new father or mother, you are the most important influence in your child’s life, and their first role model.

There isn’t one correct way of bringing up children, as long as their basic needs for love, health, security and respect are met. Most parents never regret having children, but all parents find it hard at times. Try to make time for yourself – you are an important person too.

As well as talking to someone you are close to, or someone from one of the places mentioned in this section, there are lots of good parenting books and magazines available in bookshops and libraries.

Support and information is also available from the following…