If you need money for an emergency or extra expense

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If you have made a claim for benefits but are awaiting payment, you may be able to get a Short-term Benefit Advance if you are in hardship and have no other financial support. Contact details under Jobcentre Plus.

For essential or household expenses you may be able to get a Budgeting Loan from the Social Fund – this must be re-paid through your benefits. Pick up a claim form from Jobcentre Plus or download form SF500 from www.gov.uk. You will need to have been getting an income related benefit for a minimum of 26 weeks at the time you apply.

York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) at the Customer Centre can make non-repayable grants, for example because of an emergency or to help with one-off expenses – e.g. if you have been homeless they may help with the cost or resettling into a new tenancy, or for clothing.

If you are struggling financially, for example because of changes to benefits, unexpected expenses or an emergency, York Foodbank may be able to help. They can provide enough food for three days for you (and your family if you have a partner/children). You will need to be referred by e.g. the Customer Centre, Citizens Advice York (CAB) or a family support worker etc. You can have up to three referrals, though you can be referred again in the future if there is a further crisis.