If you are in education (or recently left)

If you are under 20 and living with your parent or guardian, they are normally expected to support you whilst in school or Further Education, and they can continue to claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for you. They can reapply for these if you go back into education or an approved training course during this time.

When you leave school or further education, whether at the end of your studies or because you quit the course, your parent / guardian may be able to continue to claim Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit for you for up to 20 weeks after you leave, though benefits may stop sooner than that depending on your age. They will need to inform the Child Benefit office within 3 months (but Tax Credits office within 1 month) of the date of your leaving, and you will have to register for work or training at Young People’s Services at Clarence Street.

If you are a parent yourself and still in school or further education, your parent/guardian can continue to claim benefits for you and your child. If you are 16+ you can opt to claim Income Support etc. in your own right.

If you are not living with your parent(s)

…and you are under 22 you may be able to claim Income Support whilst you continue in education, but only in certain circumstances. You need to have started or been enrolled/accepted on the course before you turn 21 (Income Support can continue to be paid until you turn 22 or the course ends, whichever comes sooner). You also need to fit into one of the following groups:

If you are paying rent see here.

You may be entitled to free school meals, and may get help with travel costs to school/college if you live more than 3 miles away. See york.gov.uk.

• Income Support: £57.90 per week (age 16-24)
Couple rate: both aged 18 or over: £114.85 per week

To start a claim for Income Support you will have to talk to the young person’s work coach at Monkgate Jobcentre – call in at the Jobcentre to arrange an interview. At the interview you’ll be asked why you cannot live at home. Your own evidence should normally be believed. If supporting evidence is needed this can be from e.g. a support worker or teacher. There is usually no need to contact your parents.

If you need money to live on right away, ask about a Short-term Benefit Advance when you make a claim for benefits.

If you move out of home and there is no reason why you can’t return, you may not be able to claim Income Support. If your parent(s) cannot support you, you will need to work part-time while studying. However you may be able to claim Housing Benefit if you are paying rent. See here.