Employment rights: intro

While at work you have rights to protect you, whether your employer is large or small, or you are employed through an agency. What follows is only a brief guide. For further information or advice, contact one of the following:

Online advice at worksmart.org.uk under ‘work rights’ or:

The ACAS helpline can advise you about employment rights such as minimum wage, holidays, redundancy and dismissal, discrimination, maternity rights etc. If you think your employer is treating you unlawfully, ACAS can also advise about the steps you could take to resolve things. This could include taking your employer to an ‘Employment Tribunal’, although time limits apply. Search www.gov.uk for more information.

The University of York Law School offers a free advice service about employment rights as well as other matters.

CAB have advisers who you can talk to about problems at work and your rights.