Health and safety

A man and a woman in a cupboard
"I had trouble with a manager a while back, but a friend said to join a union, and they helped me to stand up to him. Now I'm hoping to train as a supervisor."

You have the right to work in an environment where risks to your health and safety are properly controlled. You should be given proper training and safety equipment if you are doing anything that could be dangerous and you should not be made ill by anything you are doing.

Employers have a duty to make sure that your workplace is safe – e.g. machinery should be properly maintained and used; a workplace should be suitable for use, for example with adequate lighting and toilet facilities. If you are under 18, or pregnant, your employer has a duty to make sure that the work you are doing is risk assessed and safe for you. Not everything rests on the employer – you have to take care at work and use equipment correctly. More information on If you have an accident at work, fill in your work’s accident report form so there is an official record of what happened.