A mouth with an angry snarling expression
"My mum went through my room and found stuff under my bed. she went crazy shouting at me, but we both knew that wasn't the real reason I left."

Some drugs are more harmful than others, but they all carry risks to some degree – whether it is to your health, your relationships, your finances, or your police record. Having a criminal conviction for possession of drugs can affect the jobs you are able to do in the future. If you use drugs, give them the respect they warrant.

If you are concerned about your own drug use or someone else’s you can contact:

York Drug and Alcohol Service also support adults with recovery and treatment. They offer a needle exchange, substitute prescribing, health promotion, information and advice, one to one support and group work.

Oaktrees York is a 12 week self help programme which includes one to one counselling, group therapy, workshops etc. It aims to empower people to take responsibility for their own recovery. If you are 18+ and wanting to live an abstinent lifestyle you can self refer, or ask your GP or a support worker to refer you. They also offer a pre-treatment group if you are working towards stopping using drugs and alcohol, and can support you to be ready for the full treatment programme.

Frank runs a free and confidential phone line as well as website. You can also email a drugs adviser in person.

Drugs and the law

If you are found with illegal drugs (or traces of them) on you or in your house etc., you can be arrested for possession. If you have more than a certain amount, or the same amount divided up, you can be arrested for possession with the intent to supply – even if you were only carrying some for a friend. A conviction for intention to supply is far more severe than for possession – for Class A drugs, the maximum conviction is life. See talktofrank.com.

The Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) at York Drug and Alcohol Service can offer support to people arrested for drugs offences, before and after court. If you are arrested for the first time for possession of drugs, you will be offered a referral to DIP by the police.