Emotions and Eating

The way we feel about ourselves can affect the way that we eat. Sometimes when we feel miserable we may over eat for comfort; sometimes we can lose our appetite due to stress or because we stop caring about ourselves. Sometimes when life feels out of control we try to control our eating as a way of coping. If you have concerns – or other people have concerns – about your relationship with food, try asking yourself these questions.

Anorexia – when you restrict your food intake or exercise obsessively to maintain an unhealthily low weight.

Bulimia – when you can maintain a normal weight, but have times of binge eating followed by making yourself sick or using laxatives.

If you or someone that you know has a problem with eating and you want to talk to someone about this or ask about getting the right help, contact your doctor, or Castlegate who offer a free and confidential counselling service about any issue. See here for more information. Remember, both men and women can develop eating disorders.