Emergency accommodation

If you are homeless or about to become homeless (or kicked out) and you, or someone who lives with you, are:

Then go to see someone at the Council’s Housing Options Team at the Customer Centre or a Youth Homeless Worker if you are 16/17, and tell them about your circumstances, for example about any medical or mental health problems you have, or if you are escaping violence or abuse. You should also tell them if you have spent time being ‘looked after’ by Social Services or have been in prison, on remand or in the armed forces, no matter for how long. You will usually be offered an interview in private.

They will talk to you about your options and try to sort things out where you live. If this is not possible they may have to offer you temporary emergency accommodation.

If you are fleeing domestic violence, see also here for information about Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) who also offer safe accommodation; and other organisations who can help.