If you have to leave home

A girl asleep on a sofa
"Finding myself homeless was a real shock. Most nights, friends put me up, but I didn't like being in the way. Other nights I just walked around 'til it got light."

If you are still in education or training, or out of work, you’ll need to find out about any benefits you may be entitled to as soon as possible. If you are making a new claim, it may take a while before you get any money. For more information about money / food in an emergency, see here and here about breakfast at Carecent.

If you want to let someone know you are safe without phoning them yourself, contact Missing People who will pass the message on for you without saying where you are.

A place to stay

If you have just been kicked out, you’ll need somewhere safe to stay for a while so that you have time to sort things out. If relatives or friends are not an option, get advice from the Council’s Housing Options Team or Salvation Army, as they might be able to arrange emergency accommodation or:

The Council may have a duty to accommodate you depending on your circumstances. See here