Renting from the Council or a Housing Association

Your housing situation and personal circumstances will be verified, and will be used to decide which ‘priority band’ you are in for housing: emergency, gold, silver or bronze (the lowest priority). If you have any housing debt to a Council or Housing Association, this can affect your application – as can your income level and past behaviour. Get advice about this.

You can apply if you are homeless, but unless you have an address where you stay part-time, and where your housing situation can be verified, you will be put in the lowest priority band. Get advice.

Look at for weekly adverts for vacant property and at the Customer Centre. You need to ‘bid’ for any property that you are interested in. This is not about money, but about registering your interest.

If you are in silver (or bronze) band you are likely to be bidding for a long time before you are successful – get advice about other housing options such as private rented if you need to.

The property will be offered to the bidder in the highest priority band. If there is a ‘tie’ (that is, more than one person in the same band) then other circumstances will be taken into account, for example housing debt and how long you have been on the register.

If you are under 18 and have a housing problem you should see one of the Youth Homeless Workers. You would only be able to go on the housing register whilst 16/17 in exceptional circumstances. You would also need a tenancy support worker to help you manage in your own place, and a trustee. A trustee is someone who signs the tenancy with you but does not have financial liability, as you cannot hold interest in land when you are under 18. If you are a parent aged under 18 and cannot live at home, a referral will usually be made to Howe Hill which has a young parents unit – see here.

You must tell Housing Registrations about any changes in your circumstances as it can affect your application; especially if you change address. You should also tell them:

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust is separate from North Yorkshire Home Choice, so it is worth applying to them as well. Ring them for an application form or download from You can apply from age 16, but if you are under 18 ask for advice as you may need a support worker and/or guarantor.