Where to go for help

If you’d like to talk about moving out some time in the future, talk to someone at the Council’s Housing Options Team. If things are getting difficult at home, get information and support as early as possible, from one of the following. They can look at managing the situation so that you can stay at home, or discuss staying with other family members. Also supported accommodation, private rented or Council / housing association tenancies.

The Council’s Housing Options Team at the Customer Centre, West Offices can offer advice and information about your housing options, homelessness and homeless prevention. They will look at your circumstances and discuss the options available to you. They may mediate with friends and family on your behalf to prevent you becoming homeless, whilst other options are explored. They will not force you to return to somewhere if they consider it unsafe.

Salvation Army run an advice drop-in for people age 18+ who are single and homeless. See here for more information.

If you are homeless you may be referred to a hostel or supported accommodation. This might not be straightaway; they will look at other options with you such as Nightstop (see here) or an emergency hostel bed until then. They may have a duty to put you in emergency temporary accommodation instead (see here) while they make further investigations about your situation, or while you are waiting for another option.

 If you have been given a Notice to Quit, or your landlord is doing something that makes it difficult to stay (e.g. threatening or harassing you) get advice as soon as possible. Something may be done to stop it happening, or to give you more time to plan what you are going to do. Get advice from one of the above or see here for who can help with legal advice.