Apprenticeships are a mix of on-the-job training with an employer and off-the-job training with a college or training provider. Apprenticeships give you the chance to work and gain a qualification. There are apprenticeships in a wide range of job areas, not just the more traditional trades you might first think of!

You can also register with the local apprenticeship ‘talent pool’ at who will try and match you to a suitable local vacancy. Employers in York can also get support from the Apprenticeship Hub to help recruit an apprentice.

As an apprentice, you are treated as being employed and therefore should have a contract with your employer setting out your terms and conditions. All apprenticeships have to pay at least the minimum apprenticeship wage (£3.40 per hour from 1st Oct 2016) but many employers pay more – up to £350 pw in York. For more information about minimum wage see here, and here about employment rights.

You could also consider a traineeship which can give you some workplace experience before moving into an apprenticeship.