Money: intro

Whatever money you have to live on, the chances are it never goes quite far enough! If that sounds like you, it might help to write down what your income is and what you spend it on.


Income e.g. Amount Expenditure e.g. Amount
  • wages
  • universal credit or other benefits
  • housing benefit
  • tax credits
  • bursary
  • other income
  • Housing costs
    • rent/board
    • Council Tax
    • water rates
    • gas, electric, wifi
    • insurance
  • Housekeeping
    • food
    • phone
    • TV licence
    • toiletries
  • Other
    • entertainment
    • cigarettes, alcohol
    • lunch at work/college
    • Sweets/ snacks
    • clothes
    • travel
    • Christmas/ birthdays
    • loan repayments
    • other
Total: Total:

If your income is more than your expenditure, then what’s left over is for you to spend as you like, or to put aside towards a holiday or unexpected expenses. If your expenditure is more than your income you need to take action. Money problems don’t go away if you ignore them, they just get worse. See here for more information about dealing with debt and getting help.

Citizens Advice York (CAB) co-publish a free guide Making the Most of your Money for anyone wanting to manage their money better, cut back on spending or get help to pay off debts. It includes ideas for small changes and tips to reduce your outgoings plus low cost or free days out and events. Pick up a copy from Citizens Advice York.

You can get stuff for free online from – furniture, bikes, baby equipment, clothes etc are all offered regularly. See here for more information.

Citizens Advice York (CAB) can help with applications to charitable trusts if you are on a low income and struggling e.g. for unexpected expenses, or getting furniture for a new home. See also here. You can also search online for charitable trusts at

If you need money or food in an emergency, see here for info about York Financial Assistance Scheme (YFAS) and York Foodbank.

For information about money and money issues (including how to save it or spend less of it!) look at or