Bullying is all too common – at school, at work, on social networking sites; by family, ‘friends’, bosses, etc. Intimidation, threats, humiliation,  cruelty, name calling, being left out, harassment, are all forms of bullying. No-one ‘deserves’ to be bullied. There is nothing about you that gives someone the right to make you feel bad about yourself or your life. You do have the right to be treated with respect. If you are being bullied it can sometimes be very difficult to know what to do.

Talk it over with someone you trust – you may not be ready to tackle the problem (or ask someone else to tackle it) but it can help you decide what you would like to happen.

Online advice and information on youngminds.org.uk and bullying.co.uk. Also acas.org.uk has information about workplace bullying and your rights.

Whatever you do, don’t just put up with it. Though it isn’t always easy to tackle bullies, there are laws to protect you, whether in school, online or in work. By keeping silent, you are doing what the bully wants, and protecting them. See also this next section.