A woman looking sad
"When i left Gemma's, i moved in with Jo for a few months, but that didn't last long. We argued all the time, started fighting. We couldn't seem to talk to each other any more."

Communication is often the key to good relationships, but when you stop getting along, communication is usually the first thing that suffers. So although talking things through with the other person is worth a try, it isn’t always easy. Young People’s Services at Clarence Street have a counselling service for young people 16-25. Counselling might help you understand your relationships better.

If things get so bad at home that you don’t feel you can live there any more, talk with someone first to find out your options and work out what’s best for you. See here for places offering housing advice.

Relate offer a general counselling service which is free for children and young people 18 and under. They also offer relationship counselling to couples 16+, which can be to one or both partners, as well as sex therapy. They also offer family counselling, if you and your family need some help sorting out family relationship problems. There is a cost for the relationship and family counselling services depending on your ability to pay.

If your parents feel they need some support they can ring Family Lives—a national helpline that can help with family problems.