Sexual health and young men

If you think that sexual health, contraception and pregnancy are only for women to worry about – think again! For example, men are just as much at risk of sexually transmitted infections as women, and the symptoms can be just as severe. If you are going to have sex, the only way to keep yourself, and others, safe is to carry condoms, and use them.

Pregnancy – an issue for men too!

Some myths dispelled:

An unwanted or unexpected pregnancy is one of the most life altering experiences a person can go through. Whilst it is ultimately the woman’s decision as to whether she goes ahead with a pregnancy or decides to have a termination (abortion), it can have far reaching consequences for you too. Abortion can be extremely traumatic for both. If your partner decides to go ahead with the pregnancy then having a child is a major undertaking. If you don’t stay together you will still by law have financial responsibility for the child – even if you have no contact with them.

Which ever way you look at it, unless you’re both sure that being parents is what you want, the best option is to make sure your partner doesn’t get pregnant in the first place – and this is just as much your responsibility as hers.