Crime and personal safety

If you have been the victim of a crime, you should contact the Police – that’s what they are there for. In an emergency dial 999. To contact the Police in a non-emergency call 101 which will put you through to the local police force (North Yorkshire Police if you are in York)

Supporting Victims¬†offer emotional support and practical help to all victims of crime including information on police and court procedures, compensation and insurance through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. They can speak to you over the phone, visit you at home, or you can make an appointment to see them at their office. The service is free and confidential and you don’t have to report the crime to the police to get support.

For information about domestic violence, rape or abuse, see here.

Keeping safe… on the streets:

Keeping safe… at home:

Keeping safe… online:

For more information about keeping safe online, look at or ‘Get safe online’ has advice about e.g. security of mobile devices, social networking sites, online auctions, virus software, email, spam and identity theft, ticket scams etc. Although aimed at younger teen users, ‘think u know’ has useful advice on handling online relationships and putting personal images online. You can also report online – for example if you are concerned about someone grooming, or about abuse or deceptive behaviour. See also Time 2… Project.