Equality and access. Voting

Society is gradually becoming more tolerant and open minded about the differences that exist between us, whatever our race, religion, sexuality, gender or ability. There are laws to protect us against discrimination, especially in employment matters (see here) but also in the way services such as the police, education or businesses have to treat us. For more information about your rights, contact:

Equality Advisory Support Service provides advice and support on discrimination and human rights issues, for example in employment, education, shops and other services. Also lots of information at gov.uk under ‘discrimination and rights’.

York Racial Equality Network works to build positive relationships and bring people together from different backgrounds. They also provide information and mutual support to people who are experiencing racial harassment, discrimination or isolation and provide information to individuals and communities on race equality issues.

Are you registered to vote?

It may only be every few years, but everyone over 18 still has a right to elect leaders both of our Local Council and our Government. If you are not registered to vote, register online at www.gov.uk. You’ll need to enter your National Insurance number and date of birth. You can join the electoral register at any time, even if you don’t have a permanent address.