When can I?

In the UK, as well as our rights as British (and EU) citizens, we are lucky enough to enjoy fundamental Human Rights. Although we may not always realise or appreciate it, these rights give us freedom of expression and religion and freedom from unlawful imprisonment and violence. There are also positive rights such as rights to health care and education – and knowing your rights is always important, at any age!

From birth you can:

At 5 you can:

At 10 you can:

At 12 you can:

At 13 you can:

At 14 you can:

At 16 you can:

At 17 you can:

At 18 you are an adult in the eyes of the law and can:

At 21 you can:

If you would like to know more about what you can or can’t do at what age, look online at lawstuff.org.uk or search www.gov.uk

If you need a ‘proof of age’ card, these are currently issued by five national companies, which all have the ‘pass’ hologram logo. Prices approximately £10-15. Cards may also be accepted as I.D. e.g. for claiming benefits or opening a basic bank account. Look at pass-scheme.org.uk for details of companies issuing cards.